What Size Jump Starter Do I Need?

What Size Jump Starter Do I Need?

Most of us understand how important it is to have a pair of jumpers in our cars at any time. But if you’re like me, you have never asked yourself: “What size starter jump I need?” After my battery goes dead and the discovery I had the wrong size, I found the time to find out the answer to this question.

How Many Amps Does It Take To Start A Car?

The first factor that you have to decide when answering a query: “How many amps do I need to start my car?” Is the power of the amplifier. A typical battery will produce four or five hundred cold crank amps to get the car up and running.

But understand that a cold crank amplifier is only used at temperatures above zero. To start the car in zero-weather conditions, it may take a lot more energy, although in any case it is necessary to create at least 12.4 volts.

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Why does cold weather affect your battery?

Extreme cold affects your battery to work in two directions simultaneously. First, it slows down the chemical reactions inside the battery that gives it life. This causes more energy to create and retain the same charge.

Second, cold weather thickens oil and other fluids in the engine, transmission and other parts of your car. Thicker liquids mean more friction, which in turn means that more energy is needed to move the starter and turn the engine on.

Is there enough 300 amperes to start the car?

You can buy a mobile battery pack with adapter cables attached to start your car without calling someone else to help. Many of these packages give you the power of 300 A. This is enough?

The answer: “It depends.” For a weak battery 300 amp is probably enough, to start the average car. For a fully discharged battery, it is usually not enough. If the outside air is too cold, it can also interfere with your efforts.

The size and age of the engine is also a key factor. Large heavy parts of large engines are more demanding on current strength. And older engines will require more amplifiers than newer models that use lightweight materials with a low coefficient of friction.

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What are the best opportunities for beginners?

To determine how many amplifiers you need, you can check the manual of your car. But you also have to take into account the climate, the age and condition of the battery, the engine size and age, as well as other issues. So, asking a mechanic for some tips is a good idea to play it safe.

But as soon as you determine the desired current that you must buy, you must buy? You still need to choose among many brands and weigh various functions. Here are some of the best novice beginners:

What Size Jump Starter Do I Need? in 300-amp jump starter and compressor. This device is very portable, weighing only 10 pounds. It is very affordable and works in most situations.


What Size Jump Starter Do I Need?Stanley J309 600-amp Go the Starter. This current absorbs you even when the battery is discharged for most sizes and engine models. It affects 300 Amp instantly and peaks at 600. It is also very portable jump starter and affordable.


What Size Jump Starter Do I Need?Go N-Carry JNC660 1700 amp more Starter. Here you have the top off-line, super-powerful way to launch even a dead SUV battery in minus weather.

What Size Jump Starter Do I Need?An example from real life: Jump-Starting My V8 One snowy day in Northern Illinois.


I was proud of my BMW and its V8 4.8L engine. The fact that it was approaching the end of the battery’s life cycle and that negative temperatures were predicted led me to equip it with a starter to jump before I regretted that I “too trusted him.”

What Size Jump Starter Do I Need?I chose Wagan 7503 Black iOnBoost 600 Amp Lithium Jump the Starter. I did not regret it. It cost a little more than low-end models, and he did not have 1000-plus amplifiers for some high-end models, but it showed a good balance.

My V8 needed at least 400 or 500 amperes. My Vagan gave me 300 amps as soon as I turned it on and 600 amps at the peak. That was more than enough to get my BMW started and run it after it got stuck in a blurry blizzard on the I-90 side.

Its small size, LED lights and security features also recommend it. And while there are other excellent starters, I’m pleased that I will no longer find my starter current, as I did years ago, with a 300 A block on the dead battery of the SUV.

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There are too many variables to give one answer to the question: “Which starting size starter do I need?” The answer of each car will be different, but it is important that you take the time to find one that covers you in all situations that you probably To find yourself.

I can not say that there is one particular jump starter that I recommend, first of all, others, but I emphasize that you must do all the following to make your choice:

  • Check the owner’s manual of your car, and talk to a mechanic or other specialist so that you can take into account all variables.
  • Do not buy a starter with a jump that hardly hears you. You do not need to buy a 1700 A model, but always be safe, not apologize.
  • Find out in advance how to use the starting jump unit. Listen to this Youtube video, where Dzho Tomas, an expert on all car-related, shows you, how to do it.

And, finally, if you have any additional questions or comments on how to find a starter with the right size, do not hesitate to leave your entry a little lower.

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